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Go to South Texas to See One of the Best Zoos in North America!

The high-pitched shrieks and loud roars were blood-curdling. People ran from all corners of the zoo to see what the ruckus was all about. Was something or someone being killed? The horrible sounds were coming from the gorilla enclosure. We raced to the wall and stared, mouths hanging open in amazement. A massive silverback gorilla was attacking a younger male gorilla while other members of the group screamed in panic, or maybe, excitement. We continued to stare, transfixed, as the wild drama unfolded.

That was my experience at the Gladys Porter Zoo. But "gorilla warfare" was not the only thing that made my trip to this top-notch zoo, unforgettable. However, it was a fitting memory of a zoo that I now list as my top favorite of all the American zoos I have visited.

It was a warm April morning under overcast skies; graceful seabirds looped-the-loop overhead, their long necks stretched forth as they surfed the breeze. Sweet jasmine perfumed the air, while a large group of school children, in burgundy skirts, sat obediently awaiting their teacher's commands. To our right, noisy freeway traffic made me question my decision to visit this place. adparams.getadspec('c_billboard1');

I had anticipated visiting this south Texas zoo since I first read about it on the Internet. However, when I discovered it was situated in downtown Brownsville, I became a little leery as to what I would find. My fears were unjustified, however. The Gladys Porter Zoo is everything it is promoted to be, and more. Once inside the main gates, you will be transported; you will forget that a busy ...Read more

A Baby Boomer Retirement: A Life Filled with Boredom or Adventure?

Today's baby boomer retiree is a bionic retiree: younger, faster, healthier and more adventurous than the average retired person from past generations. Baby boomer retirees have the world at their fingertips; their life is full of choices. How a boomer makes those choices will determine the difference between a retirement filled with boredom, or one overflowing with adventure.

Baby boomer retirement is about a state of mind; it is not a mandatory life occurrence. Baby boomers have the power to choose when they retire; and IF they will retire at all.

Today's retired boomer typically has more money, and subsequently, has more choices available to him or her. But baby boomer retirement is not about how much money a retiree has; it's about prioritizing the dollars and spending them wisely.

Are you a baby boomer on the edge of retirement? Here are some things you should consider if you want to capitalize on the new life that awaits you:

1. Don't let retirement just happen to you. Baby boomer retirement is a gift; it is not a thing that must be tolerated. Don't endure the changes that come with retirement; embrace the changes as new opportunities instead. Read more

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Do You Want to Really Experience New Orleans?Then Get Off Bourbon Street!

Yes, it's true. Bourbon Street, with its wild night life and questionable moral environment, is part of the New Orleans experience; but it isn't a true representation of this old American city. "The Big Easy" is much more complex than that.

As one resident put it, "Bourbon Street is for the tourists, and the eighteen-year-old locals." The real New Orleans, the true character of the "Crescent City," lies in its crumbling cemeteries, its vintage green streetcars, its crawfish boils, its dilapidated jazz clubs on Frenchmen Street, its spicy Creole food, its unique Zydeco music, and its vine-covered weather-tempered brick buildings. Read more

How to Avoid Seasickness Wisely -- Treat it BEFORE it Happens!

It was our first cruise, and the waters off Catalina Island were not being kind. I watched as my normally elegant friend dragged herself around our stateroom, on hands and knees, like some slow-moving lizard; I watched as the wretched woman crammed expensive clothing into her suitcase, stopping now and again to groan helplessly, or to upchuck in the tiny washroom. She looked really funny, and I would have laughed if only my own head hadn't felt so thick, and my own stomach hadn't been rolling and lurching along with the waves slapping up against our porthole. Yes, the sight of two first-time cruisers, pitifully coping with their first bout of seasickness, can look very funny, but seasickness is no laughing matter.

Seasickness (sea sickness, sea-sickness, motion sickness), no matter how you spell it, still spells misery. And this common malady can steal your enjoyment of that long-awaited cruise ship vacation. But with a little precaution, you should be able to ride out even the roughest seas, with little discomfort. But you must plan in advance. Read more

A Perfect Time for Baby Boomer Travel -- Make Your Plans Now
Sheree Zielke: Looking to take a special vacation? Sheree Zielke tells you how to take a trip you will not forget. Naples, Venice, Monte Carlo, Athens and much more...
How to Avoid Seasickness -- Treat it BEFORE it Happens!
Sheree Zielke:Seasickness (sea sickness, sea-sickness, motion sickness), no matter how you spell it, still spells misery. And this common malady can steal your enjoyment of that long-awaited cruise ship vacation. But with a little precaution, you should be able to ride out even the roughest seas, with little discomfort. But you must plan in advance.
Seniors Looking for Cheap Holiday Flights?  Tips for Making Money
While Traveling!
Sheree Zielke: Yes, Virginia, there are cheaper days to fly, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And if you plan your flight schedule to include connecting, instead of direct flights, you will save a bundle
Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans Nearly 3 Years After the Storm!
Sheree Zielke: White travel trailers still sit parked in front of homes, many homes, in the New Orleans parishes ravaged by Hurricane Katrina back in August of 2005. Black holes hacked into the rooftops of houses attest to the stalwart ability of some to survive - even getting trapped inside their own homes.
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