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How to Captivate a Man

How to Captivate a Man
Terry Hernon MacDonald:You've gone on one or two dates with a guy, and you're crazy about him. Now how do you keep him interested? How do you keep him coming back for more?

It's easier than it sounds. You don't have to be able to speak a foreign language, live in a loft in a trendy neighborhood, drive a hybrid, or be able to bolt tequila shots without flinching. You don't even have to be particularly great looking. Or funny.

You don't have to be anything but yourself.

Sure, you may be thinking, but I'm not all that interesting. In fact, I'm actually kind of boring.

At the end of the day, who isn't?

The key to captivating a man is to cultivate and maintain interests of your own. This means:

1) You never cancel a night out with a friend to go out with him--ever. (Why don't you just tell the guy you're desperate and afraid to let him out of your sight?)

2) You continue to pursue your hobbies, your career, and your relationships with friends and family at the rate you did before you started dating.

In other words, you keep a full life.

If the guy tells you he can't see you this weekend, don't ask him why. Let him volunteer the information. If and when he does, tell him to have a good time and mean it. Chances are, he'll be intrigued enough to ask you what your plans are for the weekend. Keep your answer vague (especially if you don't already have plans). Tell him that you may go out with friends, and then go home and call one or two to line something up.

It's also quite attractive to a man when you are not available to pick up every time he calls. If the phone rings while you're in the shower, let him leave a message and wonder where you are.

I do not advise you to lie or to play games, and I do not advocate manipulation, but ask yourself:

Do you like men who follow you around, hang on your every word, and call you more often than necessary? Are you turned on by a guy who shows up after you've told him you need a night out with your friends? A guy who's afraid to let you out of his sight?

Of course not.

All of us--men and women--want a "prize" when it comes to dating and relationships. We want someone who will treat us well, but who isn't overly available. Overly available people are not interesting. People who have places to go and people to see are exciting--and a bit mysterious.

Keep a full life, and you will be interesting. You will be captivating. That man you're so crazy about will definitely come back for more!

About The Author: Terry Hernon MacDonald
Terry MacDonald is the happily married author of "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams." Sign up for free dating tips at http://www.marrysmart.com
Check out her blog at http://happygirlmusing.blogspot.com.