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(Approved by Health Canada)
A natural remedy of unparalleled efficacy! Liquid nutritional supplement pain relief
Arthritis, Joint and Muscle pain, Back Pain, Tendonitis or Aging Problems

REELIV5 available in 2 formats
Liquid Concentrate and Functional Gel

Liquid Concentrate
Soothes joint pain, stimulates cartilage regeneration, natural ingredients chosen for their unique properties, fast absorption for maximum efficacy, non-allergenic and no side effects, delicious, fruity and no after taste

Gel Format
A single-dose gel! Practical, easy-to-carry format, can be consumed without water, anywhere, great taste, suspension gel technology used by NASA, offers maximum ingredient bioavailability, rapid absorption for maximum efficacy, ideal for travel and sports 

Nature's Treasure REELIV5
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Contact: 1-800-733-5485 or 450-434-4888