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Conditions - How to Reduce Hair Loss

Why Hair Loss Occurs in Both Sexes and
How To Reduce It
Jay George: Hair loss is a common problem that comes with age for many people. Understanding exactly why it occurs can help predict if it will be a problem for you, and what measures you can take to prevent or at least minimize your hair loss. The main reasons for hair loss are covered below.

The primary reason for hair loss is genetically based. The gene for hair loss is a dominant one, usually carried through males. For example, having a father who lost either some or all of his hair makes a son more prone to the same problem. However, it is worth noting that while your inherited gene may cause hair loss, you can also affect this to some extent due to careful nutrition.

Another factor relating to hair loss is hormones. As we age, so our hormonal function and interaction is changed. There is less focus on the supplying of specific chemicals to the head, which can result in reduced hair growth in this part.

In the case of female hair loss, hormonal imbalance can affect this, and women too may find they need improved nutrition to help combat the problem.

Another known cause of hair loss is that great modern problem, stress. Stress causes the scalp muscles to constrict. This in turn restricts the circulation to the scalp, and if this happens on a frequent and prolonged basis, it can cause hair loss. However, overall, stress is one of the lesser contributing factors to the problem of hair loss.

Another main cause of hair loss is improper hair care. Each hair has its natural growth cycle, and if the hair dies, it is important to brush it out. Once it is removed, another can grow in its place. However, if it is not brushed out, it can potentially suffocate the root of the new hair, meaning it is not effectively replaced.

Similar problems can stem from failing to wash hair regularly and not removing the dirt that prevents the hair root from growing.


Routine hat-wearing can also have the same unwanted result.

As mentioned, good nutrition can help with the problem of hair loss. Vitamin A will help with producing sebum in the scalp, allowing new hair to grow there. If you want to avoid supplements (and their cost), you can simply increase your intake of those foods containing the vitamin. Fish liver oil, milk, cheese, and eggs are good sources of Vitamin A. Also a number of fruits and vegetables.

If you do take supplements, don't go above 25,000 IU a day, or this could cause more hair loss or other unrelated but serious problems.

Other substances known to help with hair loss are antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E. These are needed for a healthy scalp and hair. In fact your hair will have a fuller and shinier look if you have optimal amounts of these vitamins in your diet. They will also lead to healthier and more moisturized skin.

Vitamin C is found in a number of vegetables and fruits, in particular citrus fruits such as oranges. Vitamin E, also an antioxidant, helps with circulation in the scalp area, and is found in a variety of beans, also oils.

Being aware of the potential causes of hair loss is the first step towards its pevention. Taking the right steps in hair case based on an understanding of the reasons for hair loss will help you keep your crowning glory as healthy and in as good condition as it deserves to be.

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