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Montreal West Island Homes - Real Estate - Grant Staley
We are a premier Montreal real estate that offers extensive real estate information, buying and selling guidance, tips on environmental home strategies, community profiles and neighbourhood insights as well as current homes for sale in the West Island and areas west of Montreal. More information

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Technology and Finding Work

Has your Blackberry put you on call 24/7? No doubt you've learned to use the tools that today's technology offers you. Tools that if used with caution can help bring more balance to your work-home life.

Chances are that somewhere along the way you've lost the balance between your professional and your personal life. Many people today have found that the line between work and home has become blurred; and oddly enough, those same tools that have propelled them to success are typically to blame. Technological devices can provide us a great degree of freedom, convenience, and flexibility in our lives; however, these devices have also driven many to distraction. They have changed the parameters of the workplace and extended the workday. We can -- and often do -- work from anywhere and connect at any time.

If this sounds like your life, not to worry, you can learn to use technology and not let it use you, and gain a happier and more balanced personal life. The techniques to do this involve scheduling and committing to time off work, getting a technology makeover, traveling less for business, working from home, and actually relaxing while on vacation.

Schedule and Commit to Time Off

It's important for you to set limits on when and how to disengage in order to maintain a work-home life balance. When you are off from work, turn off the connection to the work place. Screen your phone calls and emails, only responding to those that need an immediate response.

Instead of using wireless devices to arrange meetings and business appointments, you should use them to schedule some free time. Consciously plan time away from work with PDA's and laptops turned off--Proactively plan vacations and days off by blocking out dates on your calendars and set alerts and reminders on your electronic calendar to preempt upcoming days away from work. Protect and hold steadfast to your plans for taking days off work by not changing them simply because someone asks something of you for that day. More info

Montreal West Island Homes - Real Estate
Grant Staley

We are a premier Montreal real estate that offers extensive real estate information, buying and selling guidance, tips on environmental home strategies, community profiles and neighbourhood insights as well as current homes for sale in the West Island and areas west of Montreal. More information

Affordable Living and Retirement in Nova Scotia, Canada

Shannon Roxborough: If you're budget-minded, don't mind a bit of cold weather (or are seeking the perfect warm-weather retreat ), love seafood, and have a historic mindset, then Nova Scotia is the place for you.

During the late 19th-century, Nova Scotia beckoned a select group of wealthy families, who traveled by train and steamer to their grand seaside Victorian "cottages" from New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other industrial hotbeds.

Little has changed in 100 years at this summer colony in the North Atlantic: The atmosphere is still somewhat staid, unhurried and family-oriented. The pristine coast is uncrowded and less developed than anywhere in North America; the real estate still costs just a fraction of that in the United States and Europe.

Nova Scotia, located on Canada's Atlantic coast east of Maine, is shaped like a lobster with its claws grasping toward the remote province of Newfoundland and its tail pointing in the direction of New York and Boston. Latin for "New Scotland," Nova Scotia is named for its resemblance to the homeland of some its first European settlers. The Scottish print on this land is large, but so is that of the Irish, French and the British—with each culture having left its mark.

About half the size of New York State with a population just under a million, Nova Scotia boasts 3,600-miles of craggy shoreline sprinkled with scenic fishing villages and quaint small towns. Long a destination for vacationers and retirees from throughout Canada, in recent years, the once sleepy region has been attracting American and European transplants with its seductive beauty, rich history, slow pace, proximity to the United States and, of course, affordable real estate.

Perhaps nowhere in Nova Scotia is the official label "Canada's Ocean Playground" more pronounced than on the South Shore. In the heart of this region along Nova Scotia's picturesque Lighthouse Route lies White Point Estates, a charming oceanside residential community developed amid White Point Beach Resort & Country Club—once a private lodge for well-heeled outdoorsmen. On prime oceanfront fringed by white sand beaches, lush woodlands and a flowing river, White Point, is a microcosm of the best of Nova Scotia. With its laid-back historic ambience and hypnotic water views, the new seaside enclave seems almost too good to be true.
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Learning About Delicious Sushi!
Would you like to try sushi? With the rise in popularity of sushi in western countries you may be invited by friends to join them at the local sushi bar. While you may be anxious about the prospect of eating anything raw, don't worry, all you need is a little bit of information to take the anxiety away from the experience and enjoy this wonderful delicacy.

Sushi is a very simple dish, although the making of it is considered an art form. The Itamae (sushi chef) traditionally needs to train for 10 years before being hired to prepare sushi. However, the popularity of sushi has forced the hiring of chefs with only a few years experience.

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Finding Fulfillment at Midlife: The Second Chance Career

For more than twenty-years, Carla's primary focus was working her way up the corporate ladder in the Human Resources department of a large publicly traded company. Day after day she worked hard to meet the demands of her superiors and colleagues, until one morning she woke up with a sickened, sinking feeling in her stomach.

It was her career, she realized. Having spent nearly half of her life working in an unsatisfying job, with few genuine accomplishments and the goals of her youth long forgotten, Carla had hit midlife and she didn't like it. To alleviate the feeling in her stomach, Carla began making a conscious effort to pay more attention to the gap between the reality of her life and the dreams and passions she once had. She was determined to pounce on her one last chance for a career that could make the second half of her life more meaningful and fulfilling.

In 2004, Carla decided to nourish her passion to serve the elderly and today, is the owner and operator of an adult day care facility in Houston, Texas. She is now planning her next venture--an assisted living program for low-income elderly residents.

Is Carla's story unusual? According to a study reported in Prevention Magazine, not in the slightest; "79% of baby boomers will expect to work at least part-time well into their golden years," the study has revealed. "A growing number of adults are looking at their 40s, 50s, and 60s as the right time to start fresh in an entirely new field." What drives adults to change their careers? The answer, in a word, is midlife.

Craving a more fulfilling and meaningful career is just one area of focus during midlife adjustment. As adults reach midlife, at a time when parents and older relatives begin to die, the realization that their lives, too, will come to an end begins to hit home. Suddenly the importance of achieving goals and doing what makes us happy becomes much more important. This is the time closet authors, entrepreneurs, musicians or artists will begin thinking about careers to match their energy, vitality, and passion for life.

The life cycle is, for most of us, fairly predictable. From adolescence to age 30, most of us are consumed with learning how to become who we think we want to be. We go from our 30s to our 40s working and living that role. But at age 40, midlife, after having reached this goal, many discover it wasn't what we wanted to do after all. At this midlife point, after having worked so hard only to find ourselves wanting, many are willing to take on the challenge of more risk and freeing ourselves from the burden of other's expectations.

Longer life expectancy plays a part, too. At midlife, says Deborah Carr, sociology professor at Rutgers University, people realize they still have nearly half a lifetime yet to live and wonder how they will spend those years. "They know they're going to have lots of healthy years, so I think it's a period of making choices to live out one's dreams that got put on the shelf during younger years."

Women are well represented in this mindset, with more women than ever using their midlife as a springboard to experience positive career transformations. They want a career that matches their energy and allows them to be successful as individuals. More and more often you will find women starting businesses, gaining respect, and finding purpose in their midlife.

The lesson we can take for Carla's story is that midlife should not be feared, and that the sinking feeling in your stomach should not be ignored. Both are an accepted call to action. Changing your job, career, or lifestyle may take some work. But if you truly follow your passion, the effort will provide infinitely positive results.

Are you ready to make a change? Here are a few tips for getting started on a successful second career

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