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$50 Referral Program



Refer a BUSINESS and we'll give YOU $50
and the CLIENT - 2 months FREE (value $36)

If you refer someone to our services and they purchase our 16 months advertising, we will send you $50 and the client will receive two extra FREE months on the magazine a value of $36.

A simple program with no strings or risks.

Who Can Refer Us

  • Any individual or organization

  • Our clients


How it works

  1. You know someone who needs to promote their business online, Google first page, own webpage, blog, Facebook and on mobile.

  2. Get them to contact us or provide their contact information on the form supplied below.

  3. We'll let you know as soon as a subscription has been placed and paid in full and will send you a payment of $50 within 15 days.


Terms of Referral Program

  • This offer is only valid for our $289 16 months advertising package.

  • Only one reward will be awarded per business subscription.

  • We do not allow self referrals.

  • Our clients may not refer their own business if already advertising on magazine Boomersforever, or at renewal time.

  • Boomersforever reserves the right to refuse a business that it feels is not appropriate or detrimental to the magazine.
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