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Rosalyn J. Cronin
Certified Management Accountant

Rosalyn Cronin is a Certified Management Accountant who loves to give people advice on becoming a Savvy Spender.

She has been counseling clients about personal money management for years, steering them away from potential disaster and helping grow a healthy attitude about money. “It is not about how much people earn; it is all about how they spend what they have” is her favorite tip.

Success after 50

With the economy adjusting after a long run of uptime, plants closing and pensions disappearing, it is easy to spend time complaining. But boomers have always had an opportunity to create their own definition of their world, and there has been no better time than now for this to happen.

Instead of looking at early retirement as a measure of having “made it”, let's define our success as having a fulfilling, useful life up until the day we die. If we continue to work, volunteer and be actively involved in our family, community and workplace until we no longer have the ability or the energy, money and pensions become an afterthought rather than a preoccupation.

Mind you, boomers have some pretty high benchmarks to reach. Back in the day when old age meant hitting 40, not 90, there were high achievers that are still well known today. “Colonel” Sanders started his KFC when he was 65, Grandma Moses was 80. Roy Kroc was still in the sales force when he started the Golden Arches at the age of 52. There just isn't an age limit when it comes to doing what you love and taking a chance.

And you don't have to be starting a new business. Working at a job past retirement age can keep you active and involved. In 2002 there was a report of a man still going strong working in the fields in china at 120. There is someone without a fat pension to fall back on.

What are your plans for the best years of your life? Those great years that come after your turn 50 and you start to realize most of the things you worried about really didn't matter all that much, most of what your parents had to say made a lot of sense and when you wake up without achy joints you want to celebrate.

Redefine your idea of success, change your financial forecast to fit the new reality and make some decisions that will allow you to have a full and satisfying life without relying on a pension that just might resemble a Cheshire cat one day – all smile and little substance.


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